Song of Our Roots

  2014 Concerts

Sunday, August 17, Benedictine Abbey, 20:00
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Messa della Madonna (Fiori Musicali, 1635)
François Couperin: Messe pour les Couvents (1690)
Marco Vitale – organ
(featuring Schola Cantorum Minorum Chosoviensis – plain chant)

Monday, August 18, Collegiate church, 20:00
Kras 52 Manuscript (XV century)
Musical arrangements of mass parts and tropes of the greatest composers of European high Middle Ages (i.a. Mikołaj of Radom, Mikołaj of Ostroroga, Johannes Ciconia, Nicola Zacharias).
Ars Cantus, dir. Tomasz Dobrzański (Wrocław)

Tuesday, August 19, Collegiate church, 20:00
Mass O Venus Bant by Heinrich Finck (1444-1527) and the contemporary motets (C. Othmayr, Ludwig Senfl, Urbanus Kungsperger, Heinrich Isaac).
Graindelavoix, dir. Björn Schmelzer (Belgium)

Wednesday, August 20, Benedictine Abbey, 20:00
Missa Polonica 1475 – chant practice of Polish „peripheries”. Tropes, sequences, mensural monody, alleluiatic verses and chant polyphony; Polish, or preserved in Poland manuscripts (antiphonaries from Płock, graduals from Krakow and Łowicz, Czech from Wrocław).
Jerycho, dir. Bartosz Izbicki (Brochów-Warszawa)

Thursday, August 21, Franciscan Abbey, 20:00
Harmonia Pastoralis 1766
Christmas mass by Moravian composer and Franciscan friar Gregorius Zrunek (1736 - 1789) for his brothren in Uherské Hradiště monastery, being a frontier of „official” and folk music, featuring both Baroque and folk instruments.
Gregoriana, dir. Marek Klein (Košice, Slovakia)
Ritornello, dir. Michael Pospišil (Prague, Czech Republic)

Friday, August 22, Collegiate church, 20:00
Harom Aranyalma – Three golden apples
Hungarian folk songs align in year's order of liturgical calendar.
Kobzos: Andrea Navratil and László Demeter (Hungary)

Saturday, August 23, Dominicans’ church, 20:00
Concert in memory of Lycourgos Angelopoulos
Easter mass from manuscripts containing ancient, pre-Gregorian chant variant, performed in Roman pontifical basilicas in 7th-13th centuries.
Marcel Pérès and cantors from Poland.

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