Song of Our Roots

  Visegrad Baroque Orchestra 2013

‘Visegrad Baroque Orchestra 2013’ is a fruit of actions we took last year, when as the conclusion of the ‘Song of Our Roots’ festival, monumental Haendel’s ‘Messiah’ was performed. The concert was performed by specially gathered Visegrad Baroque Orchestra and Choir and was a great success. Music contacts partnerships and cooperation forms applied at that project inspire us to continue the activities of the Orchestra.

In 2013 the Orchestra will work on ‘Vespro della Beata Vergine’ by C. Monteverdi. Prepared during 5 days workshops the masterpiece will be presented on August, 24. Led by Poland-­based Marco Vitale (member of the Orchestra in 2012), the performing team will be composed of professional musicians from Visegrad countries, including 'Sonatores Pannoniae', soloists ­singers, various instrumentalists as well as the Festival Choir.

Since baroque music had also a great influence on development of music national idioms (e.g. more developed string sections in local folk bands), we will carry out a series of activities concerned with traditional V4 countries music preceding and parallel to the Festival, which will further enrich the project with interesting anthropological (as traditional music is the natural expression of each ethnic group) and musicological (e.g. art of improvisation, once present in 'official' music, now kept only in folk one) aspects. The complementary events related to traditional music are concerts and dance workshops led by Polish (i.a. Kapela Brodów), Hungarian (Muzsikas) and Slovakian (Juraj Dufek) traditional folk musicians.

The project is organised with the aid of the Visegrad Fund

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