Song of Our Roots

  2012 Programme Trailer

Sunday, August 19, Collegiate church, 20:00
Jordi Savall
Les tombeaux - viola da gamba recital

Monday, August 20, Dominicans’ church, 20:00
Micrologus and Lucilla Galeazzi
Ore plangamo de lu Signore; Aquileia passion from the Celestin V codex

Tuesday, August 21, Collegiate church, 20:00
Sequentia – Frankish Phantoms programme

Wednesday, August 22, Greek-Catholic Church, 20:00
Panichida (Byzantine service for the souls of the dead)

Wednesday, August 22, The Great Chamber in Rynek 6 building, c.a. 23:00
Antoni Pilch
'Whence not with luteth' - night serenade

Thursday, August 23, Franciscans’ church, 20:00
Maria Skiba and Frank Pschichholz
John Dowland; II Book of Songs; School of the Night

Friday, August 24, Benedictines' Abbey, 20:00
Polish Canti Firmi

Saturday, August 25, Dominicans’ church, 20:00
G.F. Haendel - Messiah
Festival Choir i Visegrad Baroque Orchestra, solists, dir. Robert Hugo

Music Club: bands from Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia

Workshops of the Festival Choir, gregorian chants, Visegrad countiues dances, religious Armenian songs

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