Program 2009

Sunday, 23 August, Greek-Catholic Church, 20:00
Sirin (Russia) Spiritual and liturgical songs of old Ruthenia
Early Russian polyphony, “dukhovnie stichi”, lirnik-songs

Monday, 24 August, Collegiate church, 20:00
Sequentia (Germany) Fragments for the End of Time
Benjamin Bagby and Norbert Rodenkirchen presenting the apocalyptic texts of 9th-11th c. from Aquitaine and German-speaking lands

Tuesday, 25 August, stage on Market Square, 20:00
Antiquo More, Jacek Hałas (Poland)
“The Snow Queen”
Suite of Polish 17th-18th c. dances and instrumental music performed by vigorous and spectacular youth ensemble

Tuesday, 25 August, Benedictines' Abbey, 23:00
Gregorian feast-vigil of Virgin Mary of Częstochowa

Wednesday, 26 August, Franciscans’ church, 20:00
Cantilena Antiqua (Italy) EPOS
Epic and convivial lyric from the times of Charles the Great (9th-10th c.). Texts of Horace, Boetius and Virgil (reconstructed fragments of Aeneid). Voice, lyra, cythara, tibiae, fidula, cymbala, psalterium, tintinnabula

Wednesday, 26 August, Benedictines' Abbey, 23:00
Byzantion (Jassy, Romania)
Romanian Byznatine hymns

Thursday, 27 August, Benedictines’ Abbey, 20:00
Pavle Aksentijević (Serbia)
Traditional chants (14th-18th c.) of the Orthodox Church of Serbia

Friday, 28 August, Dominicans’ church, 20:00
Capella Regia (Czech Rep.)
cond. Robert Hugo
Baroque music of Czech and Polish monasteries from Czech and Polish sources

Saturday, 29 August, Collegiate church, 20:00
Marcel Peres (France) and Festival Choir
Guillaume de Machault; Messe de Nostre Dame and French 14th c. plain chant

Sunday, 30 August, Dominicans’ church, 8:00
Missa Gregoriana

Gregorian chant workshop, Gregorian liturgies,
Festival Choir workshop
Seminars, lectures, dance feasts

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